Policies and standard operational procedures (SOPs)

AHDS as a national non-governmental organization (NGO) is supposed to operate in Afghanistan. Policies and SOPs are required for the staff and local people who are Afghans. Therefore, the policies and standard operational procedures (SOPs) are developed in national language only.

AHDS has the following policies:

    1. Conflict of Interest policy.
    2. Anti-fraud, Whistleblower, Safeguarding policy.
    3. Protection against Sexual Exploitation and Abuse; PSEA policy.
    4. Finance policy.
    5. Budgeting policy.
    6. Reserve Fund policy.
    7. Security policy.
    8. Human Resource, Equal Opportunity policy.
    9. Gender policy.
    10. Child Protection policy.
    11. Occupational Health and Safety policy.
    12. Environmental Protection policy.
    13. Visual Identity policy.
    14. Communication policy.
    15. Information and Communication Technology; ICT policy.
    16. Document Retention policy.
    17. Partnership policy.
    18. Lobby and Advocacy policy.
    19. Privacy policy and Data Protection policy.

AHDS’ Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) comprise:

    1. Program Management.
    2. Human Resource Management.
    3. Financial Management.
    4. Logistic Management.
    5. Assets Management, Inventory.
    6. Security Management.
    7. Office Management.
    8. Quality Management.

Pleas click here to download AHDS Manual containing all the policies and SOPs.