AHDS Founders

Dr Najibullah Mojaddedi, MD, Medicines

Mr. Aziz R. Qarghah, BA, Education

Mr. Ahmad Shah Jalal, PhD, Biology

Dr. Sayed Mohammad Amin Fatimie, MD, Medicines

Mr. Ghulam Gelani Popal, BA, Law

Dr Shah Waliullah Siddiqi, MD, Medicines

The statement for foundation of the organization

7 April 1990

In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Graciou

Whereas, the ten years of war in Afghanistan have left behind vast destruction; whereas, the Afghan economic system has completely collapsed; and whereas, the nation’s political and governmental system has virtually disintegrated, the need to establish agencies which will guide Afghanistan’s post war reconstruction and development effort is paramount.

The consequence of the prolonged war has been that the country has been virtually destroyed.  Living conditions for those who have remained in Afghanistan are dismal.  Homes, farms, schools, hospitals, clinics, villages and roadways have been damaged by bombardments.  The antipersonnel and land mines which litter the countryside guarantee that the dangers of war will remain for years to come, but this is only one threat to the Afghan people.

The greater dangers are more insidious in nature.  Basic sanitation and hygiene are lacking so the environment is contaminated by human waste.  Nutrition is poor, either as result of poverty or due to lack of understanding about the nutritional contents of local foods.  Access to potable water supplies is limited.

Ignorance about proper health practices is widespread and is compounded by the fact that some commonly practiced tribal customs are detrimental to the health of individuals and the society as a whole.  Poverty, population migration and lack of health education all contribute to the high incidence of illness and infectious diseases; the mortality rate among Afghan children is among the highest in the world.

Afghan Health and Development Services (AHDS) is a non-profit, non-governmental, non-political organization comprised of Afghans who have experience and expertise in the planning of relief and development projects. The AHDS’ goal is to rehabilitate the nation’s health care system such that it is able to provide for the current and future health care needs of the Afghan people.

AHDS first staff were:

  • Mr. Aziz R. Qarghah, Executive Director
  • Dr. Ghulam Rabani Popal
  • Dr. Shaker Ahmadzad
  • Mr. Gul Sayed