Public Advocacy

Advocacy encompasses a wide range of activities that influence decision makers. It also includes capacity building, relationship building, membership networks, and leadership development.

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Security incidents have directly harmed NGOs. We call upon  all  parties  to  the  Afghan  conflict  to  end  all  forms  of  violence  against Humanitarian Actors – including NGOs and their employees  click here 

Open letter to Members of the UN Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals: Effective targets to promote sustainable peace click here .

AHDS streamlines its advocacy attempts through active membership in coordination bodies in Afghanistan; ACBAR, ANCB and AHO. In addition, AHDS takes part in sister advocacy attempts internationally; in collaboration with other non-for-profit organizations worldwide.

AHDS plays vital role in lobbying to promote an informed, healthy, and strong democratic society. We witness and respond to the impact of public policies on the people we serve, whether they are patrons of the arts or residents of a homeless shelter.

AHDS advocacy takes many forms:

Community advocacy involves changing the ideas and attitudes of the public. This is typically accomplished through education and community awareness programs.

Legal advocacy using lawsuits in the courts to protect or create rights, improve services, or raise public consciousness about issues.

Legislative advocacy that involve legislative monitoring, committee testifying, lobbying, writing position papers, networking  and coalitions, and a variety of other activities.

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