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Citizens’ Charter 

This program is suspended by WB.
AHDS is involved in facilitation of the Citizens’ Charter National Priority Program (CCNPP) in Afghanistan. The objective of CCNPP is to improve the delivery of core infrastructure and social services to participating communities through strengthened Community Development Councils (CDCs). The program is a whole-of-government effort to end fragmentation, bring people together to collectively address their development needs and contribute towards unity. The Charter is a commitment to provide every village and urban communities in Afghanistan with basic services, based on community prioritization.

AHDS & SDO Joint Venture is facilitating partner (FP) for Citizen’s Charter National Priority Program/ Citizens’ Charter Afghanistan Project (CCNPP/ CCAP); CCAP-I/MRRD/CS/FP-1 package#1; 746 communities in Zabul and Uruzgan provinces. The program runs in partnership with the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development, Afghanistan (MRRD), fudned by the World Bank. 

AHDS in partnership with SDO is mainly responsible for community mobilization for Citizens’ Charter, facilitation of CDCs, its sub-committees and participatory community monitoring team establishment, clustering the CDCs, basic community profiles, socio-economic grouping, participatory methodologies to address key issues within the communities, women’s empowerment, inclusion of the vulnerable groups, community development plans, capacity building of CDCs and sub-committees, support CDC, Cluster CDC and sub-committees, facilitate community-led total sanitation and build capacity of a cadre of future SOs from among emerging leaders in the communities and Tashkeel staff. 


Facilitation of Social Inclusion Grants (SIG) as a pilot in Tirinkote was also signed with AHDS. The aim is to support the CDCs to identify the vulnerable and help the very poor socio-economic households.



News & Events

Afghan Calendar 1401 (2022-23 AD) (1443-1444 Hijri)

AHDS Annual Report 2021 

DAWAM consortium undertook a survey to understand the type of assistance people primarily prefer and find supportive of their economic and social sustainability, click for the report.

Freshta Karimi, won the 26th International Human Rights "Ludovic-Trarieux" Prize awarded on 28th September 2021

N-Peace recognized, Mrs. Zarqa Yaftali, AHDS' Board Member, as Award 2019 winner for the on-the-ground action and powerful stories of peace-builders in Afghanistan. 

AHDS has been certified by ISO 9001:2015 as NGO working in health and social works. Certificate 1911QMS02

AHDS received the AICS Certificate and Award of Best Practice during the Stakeholders’ Coordination for CSOs Empowerment and Certified CSOs Award Ceremony on 31 Mar 2019 in Kabul Serena Hotel. Click here for details. 

AHDS received appreciation letters from the Local Government Authorities. Click here for details 

The Afghan Minister received the Best Minister Award in WGS 2019Click here for details. 

AHDS developed its five years Strategic Plan (2019-2023), Click here for details. 

AHDS received awards of best education programs from MoPH and AMNEAB in Kandahar and Urozgan provinces. Click here for details

Afghanistan's Ministry of Economics recognizes Afghan Health and Development Services (AHDS).   Click here to view certificate of recognition.

IRS form 990 click here




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