Afghan Health & Development Services
A non-profit,  501(C)(3), tax exempt, established in 1990.

for a healthy society

Main Office - Kabul

House No. 4,  Street 2, (South of Q-Kabul)

District 4, Taimani
Kabul, Afghanistan

Mobile+93-(0) 786 818 416


Regional Office - Kandahar

House No. 6, Block 11, District 2

Kandahar City, Afghanistan

Mobile+93-(0) 302 001 422

Provincial Office - Urozgan

Trinkote City, 
Urozgan, Afghanistan

Phone+93 (0) 700 155 306

Liaison Office - USA

3900 Jermantown Road, Suite # 300,
Fairfax, VA 22030, USA

Phone(571)  331-8943


News & Events

Security incidents have directly harmed NGOs. We call upon  all  parties  to  the  Afghan  conflict  to  end  all  forms  of  violence  against Humanitarian Actors – including NGOs and their employees  click here 

Open letter to Members of the UN Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals: Effective targets to promote sustainable peace click here 

Protecting health-care facilities during the 2014 electoral process (by ACBAR Members) click here

Open letter: Effective targets to promote Sustainable Peace click -here  

AHDS developed its five years Strategic Plan (2014-2018), Click here for the summary. 

AHDS received an award from Afghanistan's Ministry of Public Health and AMNEAB for the Best Midwifery Education in Kandahar and Urozgan provinces (photos).

Afghanistan's Ministry of Economics recognizes Afghan Health and Development Services (AHDS).   Click here to view certificate of recognition.

Click here to review AHDS' Form 990 (for 2016) 



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